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July 29, 2014

As a woman who lifts I am often walking around with sore legs. Sure, it’s a good feeling but sometimes it is too much. When you can barely walk or cross your legs you know the time has come to do something about it! I had the opportunity to review PRO Compression Socks and I knew these would help so much with my post workout soreness. And I was right.


I received the over the calf compression sock in black, I ordered a size small because I wear a size 8 shoe. This was the right size and they hit right by my knee. After wearing them post workout a few evenings last week I can say I am hooked. I was noticeable less sore after doing PiYo, Yoga Sculpt and 2 days of heavy lifting.





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It is funny how few pictures I actually have of myself in workout clothes! Scott got roped into taking a few for me. What am I wearing? Top is Ellie, blue sports bra is Fila, the shorts are Under Armour, the PRO Compression socks, and New Balance shoes. Obviously I am not loyal to just one brand ;) My workout clothes drawers are pretty diverse when it comes to brands.



So what do compression socks do? Graduated compression technology improves blood flow, resulting in better, more consistent performance with less fatigue and faster recovery. In addition to improving vascular performance, Marathon compression socks support critical areas, muscles and tendons and help reduce inflammation, swelling and soreness. While that is a mouth full I fully understand why so many athletes use these. 


Arrows 2



Besides having great benefits for fitness, they are excellent for travel. On long flights legs tend to swell, when we went to Thailand I wish I would have had these. My feet wouldn’t have looked like huge bricks! They were so swollen after that 18+ hour flight. I know I will be wearing these when we go to Hawaii this fall. Anything that I can do to help reduce swelling in my legs I am all for.  Even if you were going to be going on a long car ride I would recommend these.


The one activity I am really excited to try them in is cross country skiing this winter. I can’t wait! Wearing these with my boots and feeling that gentle compression on my legs will probably really help with ankle and leg fatigue. Feeling like you need to try a pair? Use the discount code  PINK for 40% OFF an entire purchase at the PRO Compression online store.

Tweet: I #KeepItTight w/ @PROCompression! Use the code PINK for 40% OFF your entire purchase! @fitapproach #sweatpink


When we had our 2nd Annual Beer-Pool-Ooza in mid July I had a few fun cocktails in mind for the girls. While we all like beer it’s nice to change it up and try something unique. VEEV sent me a whole package to have some great organic, ready to drink cocktails for our party. I put them in the fridge the night before and poured the flavor of choice into the pitcher (need to be safe by the pool!) and we used the Acai salt on the glasses and we talked about our favorite flavors and how good these were. Sometimes those ready made cocktails are just too sweet but these are perfect! Light and refreshing.


A few facts about Vita Frute Cocktails by Veev

  • They are certified organic
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Only 125 calories per serving
  • Just chill and serve!




We tried four great flavors

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Margarita
  • Lemonade
  • Coconut Colada (my favorite)



All of the flavors were sampled, we tried it with an Acai salt rim while sitting out by the pool. Besides just chilling and serve you can come up with some pretty good concoctions. We mixed the coconut colada with a splash of grenadine, Sprite Zero and frozen pineapple chunks. It was delicious. Something fruity and fun but still pretty low in calories! VitaFrute sent a great package that included one of each of the flavors, a great plastic pitcher (perfect for the pool), adorable mason jars for serving, shaker with matching cup and cute striped straws. We were pretty stylish when we were enjoying our cocktails!

VitaFrute (1 of 4)





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We had the perfect day to hangout by the pool, enjoy the great weather and catch up over cocktails!


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VEEV is giving away the ultimate summer party- a party for the winner and 30 friends. I think that sounds like a blast! Visit their site to enter. You need to pin your favorite party tips to win. Even the other prize packs are pretty nice.


If you are in the mood for something fun for your next cocktail I highly recommend checking out Veev VitaFruite! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by 3M and ACE™ Brand all opinions are my own.


Given that we have a pool, I work out 4-5 times per week and Scott owns a landscaping business; there is a good chance that one of us will sprain something, need hot and cold therapy products and some sort of wrap or support during the summer. It is always good to be prepared!


ACE™ Brand offers a complete line of elastic compression bandages, hot and cold therapy products, and knee, ankle, elbow, wrist and back braces, wraps and supports.


Do you remember the old bandages that your Mom would wrap around your ankle and use that little metal clip to fasten it? ACE™ Brand now has an innovative new clip, such a great idea! It’s quick, comfortable and more secure. Now you don’t have to worry about it flying off and you can be on your way to 100%.


Check out their cute new video-


Unleash The Lions



A few other tidbits about the ACE™ Brand:


  • The ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage featuring the new ACE™ Brand Clip is quick, comfortable and more secure – so you can keep giving 100%


  • Add another layer of confidence to your performance with the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage with the new and innovative fastener


  • The unique ACE™ Brand Clip fastening system lets you adjust on the fly and won’t snag clothes


  • The ACE™ Brand Clip snaps in place and holds securely


  • Product benefits of the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage with ACE™ Brand Clip:

o    The clip stays fastened

o    Easy to adjust

o    Prevents clothing snags

o    Provides customized compression

o    Provides firm support and compression for sprains and strains

o    Bandage retains elasticity after repeated use and washings


Ace Bandage



Wine Wednesday ButiNages

July 23, 2014

My love of white wine continues, Friday night I was waiting for Scott get home and my friend Stacey to get into town so we could head to a wine party. So what did I do? Sat in our Adirondack chairs with magazines, music playing and a glass of ButiNAGES, Costieres de Nimes.


This was $12 at Total Wine, it is juicy with strong notes of citrus, herbs, apricots and a very nice medium body. This was a really nice French wine and something I would buy again. I thought the label was quite beautiful as well!



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