Porterhouse Steaks and Seafood

We went to Porterhouse this evening for a nice steak dinner, I am not normally a big steak eater but occasionally I get a craving for one. Porterhouse has been open about a year and it is relatively close to our house and I thought it would be good to try. For wine we ordered some Murphy Good Liar’s Dice that I was excited to try, it definitely lived up to its hype. I love a good zin and it was full flavored with hints of berries. I really good wine :)



I had french onion soup as a starter and just like a kid I ate out the cheese, broth and croutons. Does anyone eat ALL of those onions?




I had a 12 ounce Top Sirloin with some bacon and chive mashed potatoes. I knew I would never eat all of it but I did want some good flavor to my steak. These mashed potatoes were seriously awesome. This meal might actually be better than Manny’s, which we went to after my MBA graduation and at about 1/3 of the price 😉






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