Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Money Saving Foodie

October 6, 2010

Being a foodie who eats healthy can be pretty expensive, $2.99 for a pound of Honeycrisp Apples, $3.50 for a tiny package of fresh herbs, $5 for a loaf of sprouted bread. But there are ways to cut costs and still eat healthy!

10. Shop your local farmers market; they often have produce for less than the grocery store and it most likely grown near you.

9. Check out the bulk bins at your local co-op or grocery store. Oatmeal can be significantly cheaper that buying a brand on a shelf a few aisles before the bulk bin.

8. Consider planting a little deck garden or just plant a few pots of herbs in your kitchen. Rosemary and mint are pretty easy to grow!

7. If you shop at warehouse stores like Sam’s or Costco, see if a neighbor or a friend would like to split that 5lb bag of spinach. Unless you are going to all of that in a week 😉

6. Look for the cost per serving or cost per ounce price, most grocery stores show that on the price label. A can of chickpeas may only be $0.89 cents but there may be a larger one for $0.99 that gets you more bang for you buck.

5. If you do buy too many vegetables or fruit, freeze them. Lay them out in a flat layer and freeze. After that initial freeze transfer to containers or freezer bags.

4. Consider hosting a recipe swap dinner, everyone brings a large dish that can be divided and shared. You leave with a few different dishes for the week and no wasted leftovers.

3. Buy whole chickens and do the chopping yourself, a whole chicken can cost less than 1 package of chicken breasts or thighs. Cooking that whole chicken can you give enough meat for a few meals and you could even make soup.

2. Shop ethnic markets. A huge bag of rice is a lot cheaper at an Asian Market than a normal grocery store. Check the Hispanic Aisle for garbanzo beans, I have seen a huge can of beans for $1 and that same bean with a different brands label and half the size was $1.25.

1. Lower you eyes. Grocery stores place name brands in the center sections of the aisle so you are more likely to buy those. Look at the top of the shelf or the very bottom, you may find the same product but at a much cheaper cost.

What are your money saving tips?