Edina Grill

I was looking through pictures last night and realized I am a few restaurants behind in reviewing! I met a girlfriend at the Edina Grill for dinner and drinks a few weeks ago to catch up and just have a good conversation about what has been happening in our lives.


Edina is a halfway point and I hadn’t really been to most of the restaurants in the 50th/France area and the Edina Grill is an institution. How have I not tried it?


After much discussion and asking the waitress for her recommendations I opted for the beef ravioli that has a marsala and mushroom cream sauce. It was delicious and a bit reminiscent of beef stroganoff. The portion was huge and I could only eat about half of it (as usual).





Sara had the chicken burger and sweet potato fries, the burger was really good and I think I might be able to replicate it. It has ground chicken, bacon, onions, a few pieces of jalapeno and gouda cheese on the top. Normally ground chicken is so dry but the burger stayed nice and juicy.





Our service was fantastic and it was a nice place to spend a few hours catching up. I would definitely go to the Edina Grill again.


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