Yoga Sculpt

I almost always workout while on vacation, but usually it is at a hotel gym or just making an effort to get outside. But while in Phoenix I had a chance to go to my normal Lifetime Fitness since they had a location Scottsdale and I could use a guest pass to get Mo and Ava in as well. We looked at the schedule trying to find a unique class that was new to both Mo and I. Enter Yoga Sculpt. Yoga with weights. A butt kicking 60 minutes of flow with weights incorporated.


There were lots of legs, rows, and delts. Donna was the instructor and she was great at motivating with her Australian accent and you can do it attitude. I left the class with legs feeling a bit like jello. We both commented how sore we were the next day! I need to search this class out at LifePower or my normal Lifetime Location. It was similar to Sculpt at Core Power just not quite as warm.


I loved having the chance to check out the Scottsdale lifetime and see all the similarities. I was surprised at how busy it was at 10am, don’t these people work? Or is it all the semi-retired snow birds?



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