Yoga Challenge

I thought it might be an interesting challenge to do 5 yoga classes in a week and see how I felt after. Yoga is such an effective stress reliever for me and it is one of the few things that I can shut my brain off doing. Yoga allows me to just come to class and leave my thoughts behind for 60 or 75 minutes.


The challenge started last Saturday with an Athletic Yoga, a combination of yoga, pilates with a more athletic focus. Lots of push-ups and poses focused on strength.


Sunday was a Vinyasa 2, in a slightly heated room, it was a class that I do frequently. Lots of Sun Salutation A’s and a really good stress relieving class. I am glad I got up early on Sunday and went since by the time I came out I had at least an inch on my car and the snow storm had started.


Since I was snowed in on Monday I did an online class through CorePower Yoga’s OnDemand service, I picked a Vinyasa 3 to see if I could keep up. Surprisingly I did very well! Was able to get into every position and hold it. Made me feel really good after.


Wednesday was Warrior Sculpt with 60 minutes in a hot room with cardio, weights and lots of Sun A. By the time I left that class I had sweat so much that my tank top, sports bra and capris were soaked. Definitely a butt kicking work out!


Thursday night was my first foray into a traditional hot yoga, Warrior Heat. While not technically bikram, it was about 97 in the room and we did a series of 26 poses and focused on holding each of them for a specified amount of time. The holding of each pose was really challenging, this class really focuses on strength and balance. The Warrior Heat class has the best results it getting me to clear my mind. I left feeling very relaxed, focused and ready to tackle one more day of work. While I prefer a faster style of yoga this class was definitely a good workout and help me stretch out some soreness from the Warrior Sculpt.


What did I learn this week? How beneficial yoga is to my stress relief and letting me clear my mind. Nothing else works as well to help me decompress. I also learned that it really is a good workout. My muscles feel stretched, worked and I definitely noticed an uptick in energy. So what’s next? Continue my weekly yoga practice and considering doing a 7 day challenge. I know I am not ready for 30 days but I think I could tackle 7 classes in 7 days.


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    Wow, that’s really neat that you not only did 5 days straight of yoga, but had a different practice each day! Great job!

    I have done Bikram a few times, and so far, it’s by far my favorite style of yoga.

    I also get that same stress relief and leave everything behind feel when I swim. There’s just something about the water and focus on breathing that I find so relaxing and empowering all at once.

    Have a great weekend Mellissa!

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