If you live in the Twin Cities you tend to go to either Minneapolis or St. Paul but NOT both. There is such a rivalry between the two cities that they have their own area codes, that river separating them, and most who live in St. Paul never go to Minneapolis and those who live in Minneapolis don’t know where anything in St. Paul is. I tend to be a Minneapolis girl, I lived there for 5 years, went to college in Minneapolis and just know how to get around without the need of my GPS.


Enter in Vertical Endeavors, and going to St. Paul so I figured I should probably pick a fun restaurant in St. Paul that I had never been to. I pulled up the Open Table app on my phone and found Muffuleta. It has been on my list to try for about 10 years. How have I never made it to the Como neighborhood to try this place?


Check one more off my list. We got seated and were brought out a special chef made snack of Truffle Popcorn. Good, but I still don’t love truffle. That is on my list of foods to teach myself to like.




We debated over the Wine list and decided on a nice Chianti, and at $26 a bottle not horribly priced.




I was in the mood for hearty comfort food and decided on the braised beef with bacon and mushrooms over potatoes. This was so tender and reminded me of a perfectly cooked Sunday pot roast.




Since Muffuleta;s is known for the Muffuleta it is hard to not try the famous sandwich filled with ham, olives, capicolla, salami. It is one huge sandwich. Served with a side of sweet potato fries, you can’t go wrong.





The service was fantastic and for a Wednesday night they were pretty busy. I really enjoyed the focus on simple food prepared from scratch. I would love to go back in the summer and sit outside with a nice glass of wine and people watch.

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