Bad Waitress

Saturday morning before going skiing we grabbed some breakfast at the Bad Waitress. My first thought, I know it is supposed to be a joke but is this going to be a sign of the type of service we would be receiving. One answer. Yes! The atmosphere was good, I enjoyed my food, but it took 40 minutes to get our food.  The other negative about the meal, you tip when you pay. I really don’t like doing that. A tip is not a guarantee and should be determined based on the service. Not just a straight percentage.


The name Bad Waitress is supposed to be cheeky, you come into the dinner and grab a menu and the order pad and figured out your table name.







After deciding what you want to eat you bring your order up to the counter and grab your beverages and wait for your food. The only interaction you have with the staff is the act of the food being brought to your table. I can deal with that as long as the food comes out quickly and it is delicious. It was painfully slow on Saturday morning but at least the food that is focused on local, organic and sustainable ingredients was good.


I had the Out of this Earth Scramble, and it was good with broccoli, oven roasted tomatoes, eggs and cheddar. But waiting 40 minutes for it when you are hungry and anxious to go skiing for the first time ever really takes away some of the appeal.






Similar dish across the table with the addition of a side of chorizo. The chorizo was pretty darn good.







Will I go back? Probably not. I feel bad saying that but it is an honest review and I so rarely go out for breakfast I really want it to be a great experience to start my day. This left me kind of crabby. I did quickly cheer up when I got to be outside for 40 degree day to learn how to ski.

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