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I was contacted by the Wines of Chile to take place in a second Blogger Wine Tasting, this time it was Pinot noir and Syrah. I love participating in wine events and it is even more fun when you invite a few friends over to help you try 8 bottles of wine.









You can’t have a wine tasting without lots of delicious food, I put out cowboy caviar, a roasted cauliflower dip and veggies, mini caprese salad skewers, venison sausage and ginger snap bars. Everyone was well feed! By the end of the evening it was just crumbs left  Winking smile 















We tuned into the webinar and got ready to do some serious wine tasting!





The Pinot Noir’s were first, the four we tried were-


2009 Valdivieso Reserve Pinot Noir (retails for $16.99)


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-15


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-16



2009 Vina Casblanca Nimbus Estate Pinot Noir, Casablanca Valley (retails for $19.99)


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-21


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-19



2009 Veramonte Ritual Pinot Noir, Casablanca Valley (retails for $19.99)



Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-22


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-23



2008 Cono Sur Ocio Pinot Noir, Casablanca Valley (retails for $65)


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-24


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-25


Upon the recommendation of the winemaker, I decanted the Ocio and it made a really big difference. This was one beautiful pinot! But at $65 dollars it was a little out of my normal price range.





Then it was onto the Syrah, there were 4 syrah’s that we tried-


2009 Tamaya Syrah Reserve, Limari Valley (retails for $16.99)



Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-26


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-27



2006 Loma Larga Syrah, Casablanca Valley (retails for $29)


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-28


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-29



2009 Unurraga T.H. Syrah, Leyda Valley (retails for $24.99)



Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-30


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-31


2009 Haciendaa Araucano Reserva Syrah, Lolol Valley (retails for $13)


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-32


Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting-33



Between six of us we managed to make a good dent in the wine, there is only about 1/3 of each bottle left! Thank goodness for lots of good food and water.  My favorite Pinot Noir was the Veramonte Ritual and my favorite Syrah was the Undurraga. My least favorite wines were the Valdivieso Reserve and the Tamaya Syrah. You don’t love every wine!


What I really loved about this tasting was seeing the winemakers via the webinar and learning about their process for making the wine. For the price point the Pinot Noir’s and Syrah represent a really good value in wine. Compared with wines from Washington and Oregon I really enjoyed the Chilean Pinot Noir.


What I really love about wine tasting is seeing the reaction that everyone else has, we all have such unique taste buds and palates. Everyone had their own favorite wine. One person may love something while the person right next to you could hate it.










Nothing beats a night of friends getting together to laugh until we cry, enjoy good food and even better wine. Thank you Wines of Chile!


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