Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love to change things up and keep workouts interesting, from new classes, to different weight workouts, and sometimes even new locations. I purchased a Living Social deal to The Fixx workout studio in Minneapolis for 2 weeks of unlimited classes and I finally cashed it in. I emailed the trainers and figured out the classes that were open and made sure to pick a wide variety of classes.


Options at The Fixx range from ballet, boot camp, boxing, yoga, and pilates. My first class was ballet, and I was thinking it would be more of barre style workout but it was a true ballet class. Now I haven’t taken a traditional class in at least 15 years and it felt so good. I was very rusty but remembered the basic steps and had so much fun doing plies, releve’s, and chasse’s around the room. The instructor was a classically trained ballerina and is a graduate of Julliard. I could have just sat and watched him dance, my favorite thing about ballet is the grace and composure that each dancer has. I am seriously thinking about signing up for an adult ballet class! Since it has been so long since my last class I was so sore on Monday that I could barely walk. Now that is a serious workout.


Class number two was a boot camp, now this was not just a do a few moves and call it a boot camp, this was a butt kicking. The focus at The Fixx is small classes with 2-8 people so that trainers really get a good idea of what you can and can’t do. My boot camp was only me and the boyfriend. Christy worked us hard, seriously hard. From push-ups, to speed work, to TRX training and even some club swinging in there. It was the hardest 60 minutes I’ve done in a long long time. By the end we were both tired and sweaty messes. Soreness today? Definitely noticeable but at least I can walk 😉 What did I learn? I still have some weakness in my left knee from my ACL surgery when I was 18 and I really need to focus on my form for that side.


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I have a few more classes that I plan on attending and am so excited for the variety. The downside, the classes are expensive and I wish I could afford to go all the time. Maybe I could do a boot camp a week for the challenge and structure of working with a trainer. My workout personality definitely is  made stronger by being challenged and working out with others, although I usually workout alone maybe some group training would keep me motivated. A few things to think about!