Little Sushi On the Prairie

Bonus about having a few of the sales guys in town? Someone to go to sushi with! Only a few of my coworkers even like sushi so when Dave was in town and suggested lunch I through out sushi and he quickly agreed. Yeah for sushi :) We headed for lunch at a place 10 minutes from the office in Eden Prairie. Little Sushi On the Prairie had the best reviews and we decided to give it a try.


We happened to arrive in the middle of a torrential downpour on Wednesday and were basically soaked by the time we walked in the door, they quickly seated us and brought hot green tea. After quickly looking at the lunch menu we both were ready to order. I choose a bento box with 3 items, teriyaki steak, sashimi, and nigiri. A starter of egg drop soup, definitely homemade and didn’t have the neon yellow color that a lot of version do.




 Picture 007 

Picture 008



Picture 009




Perfect amount of food for me and I love how organized it is and that my food doesn’t have to touch 😉 I need to invest in some bento boxes for home. Our service was quick, prices were reasonable and I would absolutely check out Little Sushi On the Prairie for a work lunch again.

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