Wines of Chile: Carmenere and Curry

8 bottles of wine, 12 people, a table full of food, 3 dogs barking, and a house full of laughter equals one heck of a fun night. Add in a night of education provided via webinar about the wonderful Carmenere that Chile has to offer.








The Wines


1. Emiliana, Natura Carmenere 2010, Retails for $16.99







2. Casa Silva, Los Lingues Gran Reserve Carmenere 2008, Retails for $22






3. Santa Rita, Medalla Real Gran Reserve Carmenere 2008, Retails for $19.99






4. Montes, Alpha Carmenere 2008, retails for $24






5. Carmen, Gran Reserva Carmenere 2009, Retails for $16.99






6. Santa Carolina, Reserva de Familia Carmenere 2009, Retails for $19.99





7. Concha y Toro, Marques de Casa Concha Carmenere 2009, Retails for $20






8. Haras de Pirque, Cabernet Sauvignon/Carmenere 2007, Retails for $13





Unanimous favorite the Carmen, that was the first bottle gone and I think everyone asked for more Winking smile 



Carmenere is fruity and spicy and pairs every so nicely with curry. Add in curried chicken with quinoa and peas, veggies and hummus, bread and olive oil, meat and cheese, and you can’t forget the dessert. Oh the dessert- pumpkin mousse, angel food cake with heath bars. Foodie heaven.














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