Wine Wednesday: Domaine Marion Pral Beaujolais

February 1, 2012

All the excitement from Thanksgiving until January in the wine industry is about Beaujolais. Some of the excitement is good and well, some of it is from those snobs who think it is just too cheap. But that excitement in November is about Beaujolais Nouveau. This is just Beaujolais.


When I was at Swirl Wine Bar last week for Girls Big Night I joined their 2 bottle wine club. Reasonable price for 2 bottles and tasting notes. The January bottles were Beaujolais. At $24.00 and $19.99 this is not cheap wine. This is open up a bottle, decant for a few hours, sit back and enjoy kind of wine.


Most Beaujolais comes from France and is aged for 6-8 months in either French oak or concrete tanks. Really good Beaujolais can be hard to find because the French can be a bit selfish and want to keep the wine all to the themselves (shocking, just shocking). But this wine seemed to make it out ok and it was terrific. A beautiful medium shade of red with blackberry and a nice acidity. I took a tiny sip before decanting and wasn’t in love but after sitting in my Reidel decanter for a little more than 3 hours it opened up very nicely.







I am looking forward to trying the second bottle in this months wine club selection.

5 Responses to “Wine Wednesday: Domaine Marion Pral Beaujolais”

  1. I’m really enjoying the balance of fitness, healthy eating and lovely indulgences on your blog. I’ve been doing no alcohol for a month, but now I’m excited to open a nice bottle of something . . . mmmm.

  2. Scott and I enjoyed that bottle too! We went up to the 3 bottle a month club…since we live so class and all, lol!

  3. I keep thinking about joining a wine club. Do you know of any others in the area worth looking into?

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