Taste Test

I will begin by saying I am not a big wedding person, never have been and definitely never will be. I just don’t care! But I do care about making Scott happy and it was important to him to have a wedding, so we are having a wedding. A very small wedding that is 100% us.


No matter how small you still have to become involved in the wedding industry, dj’s, photographers, dresses, rental items but the one thing I was excited about looking for? The caterer.


Food is so much of who both of us are and a lot of who we are as a couple so naturally food is one the most important details of the big day. My rule? It must be good food and it most not be “normal” wedding food. No sliced meat in a strange sauce, mushy veggies and most likely no big cake.


Last week we had two taste tests and I am really hoping to make a decision so this is the last big thing I have to do. Late summer will be here before I know it! Our options:

  1. More traditional company that has been around for 40 years but really likes high quality unique food.
  2. Using a restaurant that is not too far from the wedding location


Both are very reasonably priced, current estimates to feed around 80 people is around $3k. Could we find lower? Yes if I didn’t  care so much about the food quality and we definitely could go much much higher. One we didn’t even have a taste test with came in at $6k. For 80 people. Ouch. I am sure their food is amazing but I can not in good reason spend that just on food. That just would not work for Scott and I.


Option 1:








Option 2:







We ended up signing a contract with Option 2. The food was fantastic and it really is a good value for the cost. I am excited to have everyone try the food at the wedding!


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