Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is one of those drinks where you only need one. I promise just one. Perfect on a hot summer day or perfect on a bright sunny winter day when you are packing up a house. That was yesterday mid-afternoon.

I only has a few sips but Scott finished this with no problems…


Serves 1

2 shots of Hornitos tequila (Use a good tequila)
2 shots triple sec
1 shot Rose’s Sweet Lime Juice
6 ounces Mexican Style Beer (Corona or Landshark)
Margarita Salt


Pour everything but the beer in a shaker filled 1/4 of the way with ice. Give it a good shake and pour into a salt rimmed glass. Top with beer.

See, I told you 1 was enough. Just 1. Promise me not to drink 2. I know from experience that 2 is way too much. This was before I even knew that they were all alcohol and after a night when I had 2 and did not feel so great the next day. I even give permission to pass this around in pitchers at your next party and just pretend you whipped this up. It’s that good.