Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop

Nothing beats an old school burger and malt. Real food, made from scratch at a local malt shop. Leo’s is a burger and malt place that has been around for years, serving the same great food.






A burger with bits of bacon and onion mixed in served on sourdough bread. So darn good! Greasy not healthy goodness. And you can’t forget the perfectly cooked fries. Served with the ketchup that your pour right from the red bottle, just like Grandma used to have on her table.




Scott went for the Oreo shake. Super thick and more than enough to fill two glasses. I had a few sips and forgot how much I like a good old fashioned malt.




A burger covered in blue cheese was what Scott wanted and he inhaled in about 2 seconds. I will say he definitely enjoyed it.




An old school dinner with a great ambiance, food you can see being made, and really quick service. Perfect when you have a craving for an old fashioned burger and fries.


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