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I love pizza. I would probably eat it a few times a week if I could…but I do eat a balanced diet. Old Chicago is in the middle of rebranding effort to re-emphasize the restaurant’s commitment to quality food, great value and a welcoming atmosphere for a broad variety of customers and occasions. Interesting fact? This hasn’t changed. Old Chicago has been making their own pizza dough since 1976. But I am guessing you may not have known that.




Yes it’s a chain. But they have pretty darn good pizza. I am really excited to try the Farmers Market pizza:

A ridiculously good roasted veggie pizza. Flame-roasted
eggplant, red and yellow peppers, zucchini, red onion
and basil oil over our house-made bruschetta tomatoes.
Finished with freshly cracked black pepper.

What goes well with pizza? Really good beer. Old Chicago has put a number of its bartenders though a Cicerone certification program, a program that allows them to take on the role of a beer sommelier and they offer flights, a flavor guide and 36 beers on tap plus many options for bottles. They were one of the first to offer craft beers. Points in my book!

Old Chicago wants you to come check them out. If you are in the Twin Cities and are available Saturday night, please enter. If not, you could still win a $25 dollar gift card.

Twin Cities Readers: 1 person will win an invitation for 2 to the VIP Event on Saturday March 10th in Eden Prairie, a chance to sample the menu and eat some good food. A bonus could be winning pizza for a year! The first 100 people in line for the 10:45 a.m. ribbon cutting on March 19 will receive free Old Chicago pizza for a year (one free pizza per month up to a $25 value for 12 months).

All Others (or those who can’t make Saturday night): 1 person will win a $25 gift card to Old Chicago.

To enter leave a comment telling me your favorite kind of pizza. I will randomly pick a winner on Friday morning. If you are in the Twin Cities and choose to attend the VIP event I will add you and your guest to the list.


  1. Jess B says

    I too love pizza and won’t complain about and kind, but garbage is my favorite. If I had to pick a place it would be the old Savoys in St Paul. Yum!

  2. Kevin Tuft says

    I LOVE pizza!!!! I enjoy all kinds of toppings and sauces, but if I had to make a choice, I would have to go with all meat (meat lovers) from the Grand pizza in downtown Stillwater, MN.

  3. says

    OH MY – the Farmer’s Market Pizza is one of my FAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVORITES! [I get it every time I visit Old Chicago!]

    my favorite kind of pizza ever, though, is a white pizza with lots of veggies!

  4. Kim says

    Is there a better food than pizza? I think not… :)

    Pepperoni and Mushroom is tops for me, but throw some pineapple on there and that might be my next fav :)

  5. says

    It was Old Chicago that first introduced me to the concept of andouille sausage on a pizza. The combination of andouille sausage, pepperoni, and basil is a favorite of mine to this day.

  6. Paula says

    I love pizza too! I am a huge fan of ultimate meat pizzas with added mushrooms…..
    and I like sauerkraut on pizza :)

  7. Angela says

    I grew up in Philadelphia, and LOVED their pizza…they’ve always said it’s the dough and sauce that makes the pizza, and the creativity of the consumer that add their personal taste! We don’t have this here, but it can be made if you have a pizza deliverd. I call it my BLT pizza. What I wouldn’t give to have restaurants/pizza establishments have this!! I order a thin crust pizza, with extra cheese, topped with extra bacon, and sliced tomatoes. When it arrives, I quickly add shredded lettuce. YUM!!!

  8. says

    Our family really likes Old Chicago–we always get the Double Deckeroni. Personal fave, though, is pepperoni, green olive, and banana peppers.

  9. says

    Yum! I’m a vegetarian, so I would definitely go with the farmer’s market pizza! My boyfriend on the other hand is a meat lover! It gets spendy when we go out 😉

  10. Whitney says

    Darn I wish I could make it this weekend! I am in the twin citites and somehow have never been to Old Chicago?! Although my favorite pizza is Papa Johns Hawaiin from growing up. In the cities- have fallen in love with Pizza Lola and the Lady Zaza and Sausage!

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