Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 3 and a set of new workouts to be done for the next two weeks. All about strength endurance. And I learned that I need to work on strength endurance, because at the end of Workout B all I wanted to do was lay on the floor. A good feeling but now I know a few things to focus on.





I should have taken a picture of my area in the Advanced Training section in the gym, I had a workout mat, a weighted barbell, a 15 pound set of dumbbells, a bosu ball, a swiss ball, and a weighted ball. Taking up a bunch of space and working my butt off. There were a few funny looks from trainers but hey, at least I am working hard.


The move that surprised me in its difficulty: Alternating Overhead Shoulder Press. My arms were shaking by the end! I am so used to doing a lift with both arms and/or legs and doing it one arm at a time was seriously tiring.



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It was also a challenge getting in all my workouts this week, add in a bad chest cold and spending yesterday and today in Chicago. I resorted to waking around the trails near the hotel and staying close since I was not overly familiar with the area. A walk is better than no workout!