Fitness Friday Boot Camp Week 5 and Fitting Workouts In

Happy Friday! What is even better is that I am off today. First place I have ever worked that gets Good Friday off. I will take it. Workout this morning and this afternoon I am taking advantage of having the daytime available and have appointments scheduled. One fun and one, not so fun. I guess it all balances out.


Enter the weeks of functional training, traditional weightlifting moves like squats, lat pulldowns mixed in with circuit style workouts for Bootcamp. My kind of weight lifting! Lifting heavy and working hard. Makes me so happy. Favorite workout? Workout C. A circuit style where you do as many reps as possible for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds then move on to the next exercise. Sweaty sweaty mess!




Over the past week I had a few friends and coworkers ask how I fit it all in. My answer? My life is really scheduled. That might drive some crazy but I thrive on structure and I know that when I plan healthy meals, schedule my workouts and commit to the lifestyle I am much more successful. Yes I have some morning when I just can’t get up. Sometimes I opt for an extra hour of sleep and make-up that workout on an off day or after work.


This is a typical week for me if I am not traveling for work, around 50 hours at work with fitness, social events, and lower key nights at home cooking dinner mixed in. I don’t slow down much and am really used to being on the go all the time. It is a rare day that I do nothing, maybe a few times a year.





5:15 am

Up and heading to the gym

Off from the gym

6:00 am

1 hour workout, get ready and drive to work

Up and heading to the office

Hopefully still sleeping! But I am often awake


7:30 am

At Office

At Office

Up and heading to the gym

12 pm

Lunch at Desk

Lunch at Desk

Usually running errands or out doing something fun

5-6 pm

Heading home


Various social activities, dinners, or evenings at home making dinner

9:30 pm



Maybe an extra hour or two up, but I am not a night person at all!


Three days a week I am gone for almost 13 hours, and that is if I don’t have anything going on at night. That is why I plan! I pack healthy foods, make sure I am drinking enough water/tea, and try every hard to get 7 hours of sleep every night. I don’t always get 5 workouts in a week or eat healthy foods but I do the best I can.


We are all busy, how do you fit it all in?


  1. says

    I am pretty similar and also like to be scheduled. It makes being healthier easier for me. During the winter months, I do almost all workouts in the morning otherwise I won’t get them in. As the weather gets nicer, I will run outside in the morning, but biking has to happen in the evening. This means even more meal planning and prep work on the weekend so I don’t have to take the time to do it during the week.

    I agree – do the best you can. This is not about perfection.
    Happy Friday!

  2. says

    I miss having my life that scheduled! My schedule (when I was working full-time in MN) was very similar but now that I work from home it is very different. I found it easier to workout when I was busier – but I think I just thrive on a busy schedule!

  3. Mo says

    Before Ava, I always worked out first thing in the am, before work. I love having it done by 7 am! I know it’s going to be a challenge fitting it in for the first few months after baby number 2. I won’t be able to “schedule” workouts since I will be on her schedule, so I plan to do more home workouts with some DVDs, etc.
    Planning is key! :-)

  4. says

    I am like you, I love having a structured schedule :) I find that it makes life so much easier. I actually find I am much more productive when I am busy. When I have extra down time I find myself wasting it.. Kinda odd :)

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