Wedding Galore

Happy Easter! Hopefully you are spending your day doing exactly what you want. Being that neither Scott nor I is religious we are enjoying a leisurely morning and are heading over to enjoy delicious food with family this afternoon. With our wedding about 4 months away I figured it was time for an update. The last mention was in January Winking smile Weddings really aren’t my thing and I am glad that I have 90% of the stuff done! I don’t need 3 posts a week about what we are doing. I don’ think anyone really cares…


Dress: Ordered, it was a great deal at less than $300 dollars, it should hopefully arrive in May. Purchased from The Wedding Shop in St. Paul. No pictures of this, I want people to be surprised!


Wedding Shoes: Tom’s Wedges. Dressy but comfortable and good for dancing. I tried to find all orange but that just wasn’t happening. Purchased from Nordstrom






Scott’s Suit: Ordered, it should be in within the next week. A more casual suit that he will be able to wear again. A Summer tan with a jacket, vest and pants. Purchased from Nordstrom, it is John Vavartos.  A pale blue dress shirt will be underneath.




Food. One of my favorite parts! We went with River Valley Catering out of Western Wisconsin. We are excited for Salmon, Steak with Blue Cheese, Grilled Asparagus, Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes, passed appetizers, a big salad and table cakes made by a friends Mom. She will be making 5 flavors, 2 of each flavor for our 10 or 11 tables. We will need to get busy making cake stands. I found a great idea on Pinterest for homemade ones with dishes from the dollar store.




Invitations. I designed them based on a template and now we just need to print and stuff to send out in June.





Namecards for the tables, fitting in with our wine theme and something we need to start making…




Flowers. The item I care about the least! I ordered a brooch bouquet from Etsy in my colors of orange and blue. It should be ready in early June.





That is a lot of the big stuff, feels good to have it somewhat under control.


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