Wine Wednesday Tarot Grenache

A rockin’ red with a alternative label. A little skull and crossbones? Sure why not. The Tarot Grenache is probably something I wouldn’t pick out but they were tasting it at Haskell’s and I really liked it.


Just the right amount of fruit, spice and tannins to make you feel like you were drinking a much more expensive wine. This was on sale for $8.99. Love that price!




I will be searching for more of this and soon.


  1. Candice Moore says

    Great! My hubby would certainly want a taste of that. Need to find one so he can add it to his collection. Will definitely watch out for your searches^^

  2. says

    I’ve been on this kick lately of trying to find the best wines at or below $10 and this one was in the top five! I really like the Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon as well. Where do you recommend bargain hunting for good valued wines?

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