Spinning with Dara Torres and Koss FitSeries Headphones Giveaway

In the 5 years that I have been blogging I have been participated in some really great events but Tuesday night is going to be up there as one of the best nights. I was invited by Koss to a spin class led by Olympic athlete Dara Torres to check out their new line of headphones designed for women, by women. Headphones? I use them for every gym workout. Spin class? Love it. Checking out new headphones and taking a spin class from one of the most in shape women I’ve ever met? Sign me up. We headed out to Cycle Quest in Eden Prairie. On the opposite side of the metro from me but so worth it!


We walked in, grabbed our goodie bags and they got each of us set up properly on a bike. Having the right set up makes a huge difference in how you feel on the bike and throughout the workout. Lesson learned, adjust the handle bars too. My shoulders felt much more relaxed and I could extend my leg properly and do the full range of motion.


















Dara came in and get all set up, talked to us about spinning and away we went. She choose  great music and focused on a class filled with intervals, mixing sprints, climbs and short spurts on the bike. We were all sweating! Dara knows her spinning. It’s something she does regularly for a workout and since she is recovering from knee surgery less than 2 weeks ago, it’s a workout she can do with a minimal impact.





We got about 45 minutes of an intense class and I ended up doing about 22 kilometers, pretty darn good! My butt and legs really felt it yesterday. Not too sore but a nice reminder of how much I love spin.







Dara could not have been nicer, she took the time to talk to everyone at the class, was really encouraging, answered questions and pushed us hard in our workout. And let me just say, wow is she in great shape. You can tell how dedicated she is to her workouts. So what does she do now? Spinning, eliptical, cross training, a tiny bit of running (although with recent knee surgery that is being put on the back burner), some swimming and is considering trying yoga again.






The whole reason we were there was to check out the new line of fitseries headphones, they have both clips and earbuds. It takes a bit of adjusting and getting used to but once they are in, they are not going anywhere. They stayed in through a super sweaty spin class and have been great in the gym during cardio and weights. Getting praise from headphones takes a lot from me, I am picky. And now that I have these, that actually fit in my ears and stay put I am not using any other headphones. The clips were comfortable, no pinching and provided great sound.



Want to win a pair of the earbuds ($29.99 value)?



KEB32l In-Ear Headphones




Just tell me what is your current playlist. I will pick a winner next Wednesday the 25th. 




  1. says

    I cull all my songs from random eclectic singles that I love, and the current playlist I have runs the full range from the 70’s to now. My music needs to lift me emotionally and leave me in a really good mood, bonus if I can sing along with it.

    Here’s a sample:
    Bad Company
    Alive ‘N Kickin’
    Bonnie Raitt
    David Cook
    Elvis Presley
    The Waterboys
    Eric Clapton
    Bruce Springsteen
    Sixpence None The Richer
    Rachel Platton
    Lou Gramm
    Robert Cray
    Fleetwood Mac

  2. says

    I was invited to go to this too, but couldn’t go because of work!! I was so bummed!! Here’s a small sample of my current playlist…

    Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
    Dance Again – J. Lo (ft Pitbull)
    Every Time We Touch – Cascada
    Feel This Moment – Christina Aguilera (ft Pitbull)
    Give Me Everything Tonight – Ne-Yo & Pitbull
    Everybody Talks – Neon Trees
    Scream & Shout – will.i.am & Britney
    Calabria – Enur ft. Natasha
    You and I – Lady Gaga
    The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga
    Roar – Katy Perry

  3. Nikki says

    I have a little bit of everything on my playlist, country, rock, pop, NickleBack (iknow, iknow), Fun, Imagine Dragons,… as long as it has a good beat!

  4. Whitney says

    I go to rockmyrun.com to grab playlists! They are awesome (and free!) and come in a variety of genres. Download and go! It is great that you can be in a long workout and not feel the need to flip between songs every 30 seconds!

  5. Tammy says

    I love the oldies but bon jovi and heart, joan jett,journey,air supply any band or singer from that time and love country also

  6. Minh says

    I listen to very loud and upbeat music when working out, because it really gets my heart pumping. One of my playlists goes as follows: (Thanks!)

    No Church in the Wild – Jay Z & Kanye West
    Transform Ya – Chris Brown
    Go Hard in Da Paint – Waka Flocka Flame
    Ridin’ – Chamillionare
    Till I Die – Chris Brown
    Gang Bang – Wiz Khalifa
    The Motto – Drake
    Wild Boy – MGK
    All Gold Everything – Trinidad James
    Do the John Wall – Troop 41
    Gold Digger – Kanye West
    No Hands – Waka Flocka Flame
    Stronger – Kanye West
    99 Problems – Jay Z
    Dance – Big Sean

  7. Vitor Ayres says

    Eletro music
    Another dimension – Marc Van Liden
    My feelings for you – Avicii & Sebastien
    Work – Dj Antoine
    D# Fat- – Armin Van Buuren
    I believe – Mario Lopez
    We are free – Klaas
    In my mind – ?

    Repeat: ON


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