2020 Fitness Goals

I like to go to the gym with a plan, a good weight workout and my normal cardio session but in 2020 I want to push a little harder and try new things. I want to try to take advantage of all the amenities that my gym has to offer, classes, a pool, hot tub and yoga.

With having a day off yesterday I figured it was a good time to get my new routine going. I am starting the Bikini Body program from the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises, with a cardio session and the weight workout I should be able to do a workout in about a hour. That works for me! Having a program laid out for a few months should keep things interesting and have me doing different exercises than just my normal squats, lunges, bench press.

With the weight I lost over the last few months I have lost quite a bit of muscle and need to take the time to build it back up. Thankfully it has only been a few months and it should come back on.

2020 Workout Goals

3-4 times a week, including a yoga session

Get back to pre October weight (this means gaining a few pounds)

Attend 1 class a month

Swim once a month (this is a big stretch for me, I haven’t swam for a workout in over 10 years)

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