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Healthy Food: What a Mistake to Make! - Sneakers4Funds


Healthy Food: What a Mistake to Make! - Sneakers4Funds

The outlet mall is a dangerous place. Seriously dangerous. You spend 45 minutes driving there, fight minivans and strollers for a parking spot about a mile away in the rain, get elbowed by a woman who wants the same brown leather Coach purse as you do, wait in line just grab the clothes and hope they fit because the wait for a dressing room was 25 minutes. Realize that your trunk is completely full of bags and wonder just how much did I buy. Really not that much, a purse at Coach, some dress pants and a skirt at Ann Taylor, shorts and tanktops at Banana Republic, some new workout items at Nike and Under Armour but the best purchase was 2 pieces of Le Creuset cookware.

I walk into the outlet and could spend hours looking at every beautiful piece of cookware in just about every color of the rainbow, I drool over how the store is organized by color and is just pretty and bright but what I like even more is the outlet prices. A pretty significant savings over retail price but the outlet is the place where discontinued colors come to find homes. Now in a perfect world would I like every piece to match? Of course. I am a crazy type A who has a serious love of things matching, but I am a bargain hunter at heart and when you see 40% off the outlet price for beautiful pieces of cookware it is really hard to pass this up!

So what has made it into my kitchen? A 10inch cast iron and enamel skillet in Kiwi

The 5 3/4 Quart Covered Oval Casserole in Kiwi

I am so excited to use both of these pieces! So excited that I am making Mahi Mahi tonight just so I can use the skillet.

Now if only I had an extra $1,300 dollars so I could buy the 11 piece Flame collection. A beautiful bright orange that I might have a cabinet built just so I can display how pretty it is. Although I don’t think my roommate or the significant other would be as excited about it as I am

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