Spring Fitness Favorites

It was a week with less than normal workouts, more sinus issues and I am on crazy strong antibiotics that don’t make me feel like myself. But I did still get a few in! 2 days of snowshoeing with my friend Stacey who was visiting last weekend, yoga sculpt and a little cardio and weights this morning. Better than no workouts! I even did a little tabata this morning. Nothing like hard core swearing to get your body and mind back into your fitness routine. Even when you are still recovering from sinus surgery. read more

Fitness ADD

I am 100% certain that if I was a kid in elementary school today that they would diagnose me with ADD. It is impossible for me to sit still, even when I am sitting at my desk at work at least something is moving. A foot shaking, playing with a pen while on the phone, playing with whatever ring I may be wearing that day. I just don’t sit still. read more

Relished Foods

Have you been seeing those meal delivery services being advertised online or other blogs? I kept seeing ads for Relished and everything looked so delicious. With work being really crazy, Scott getting into his busy seasoning and just a lack of motivation to cook I figured it was time to try one. I paid for these meals myself and they probably have no clue who I am! read more

Book Tour: Foodist

I love seeing other bloggers succeed, especially those who write helpful books. Darya Pino Rose, Ph.D is the writer of the blog SummerTomato and the author of Foodist Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting. She has the credentials to back up her writing but is still relatable while providing relevant ideas for healthy eating. read more

Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

I will admit to being a bit of a photography nerd, I love learning all the tricks and suggestions to make your images even better. I have taken classes offered through National Camera in the Twin Cities, where I originally purchased my camera. Those were great introductory classes that really helped you figure out how to work your camera and get off the Auto mode as quickly as possible. I am proud to say that in the two years I have owned my camera I don’t think I have EVER used the auto mode. read more