Fitness Friday: Flipbelt

Happy Memorial  Day Weekend (if you are in the U.S.)! I am looking forward to a long weekend with beautiful weather, a chance to get outside, maybe do some golfing and having a girls night. There is something a bright sunny and warm days that motivates me to workout. And this week has been a pretty fantastic week for workouts, I pushed myself hard and felt so good. read more

Fitness Friday: PiYo Love

Happy Friday! We have a weekend full of great plans and I am so excited that it is Friday. Tonight we heading to a bubbles themed wine party and tomorrow we are having our 2nd Annual Beer-Pool-Ooza. It’s really just an excuse to use our pool, try some new beers and get together with friends. I can’t wait! read more

Fitness Friday: FitBit

The FitBit I received from the Verizon Wireless Health and Fitness Voices Campaign is seriously one of the best pieces of technology related to fitness I have ever used. Since I am not a big runner I don’t have a Garmin, and while I do use a heart rate monitor that has good data it isn’t as in-depth as what the FitBit provides. read more