Fitness Friday: Injuries

An injury from working out is pretty common, even if it is something minor like a muscle strain. I have been really fortunate in all my years of working out that I have never experienced anything more severe than a muscle strain (besides tearing my ACL in high school, but that was activity related and more than 13 years ago). Even though it may not be considered severe, it still hurts! read more

Fall Fitness Pieces

It was a very fall like 58 degrees when I woke up this morning. I couldn’t just leave the house in my normal Friday attire of a cute work tank and jeans. I had to grab a jacket! Knowing that it would soon be jacket season again and that I would need to be layering a bit more going to and from the gym I went in search of a few fall fitness pieces. read more

Summer Fitness Favorites

Summer is in full swing, long days, temperatures in the 80′s and it’s a great time to amp up that fitness routine. I try to be outside as much as possible, long walks with the dogs, bike rides and my normal hard core workouts. I pretty much have a workout uniform- tank, sports bra, capri’s and a good headband. It was time to add some new shorts, a coverup and an amazing workout bag to my routine. read more

Spring Fitness Favorites

It was a week with less than normal workouts, more sinus issues and I am on crazy strong antibiotics that don’t make me feel like myself. But I did still get a few in! 2 days of snowshoeing with my friend Stacey who was visiting last weekend, yoga sculpt and a little cardio and weights this morning. Better than no workouts! I even did a little tabata this morning. Nothing like hard core swearing to get your body and mind back into your fitness routine. Even when you are still recovering from sinus surgery. read more

Fitness ADD

I am 100% certain that if I was a kid in elementary school today that they would diagnose me with ADD. It is impossible for me to sit still, even when I am sitting at my desk at work at least something is moving. A foot shaking, playing with a pen while on the phone, playing with whatever ring I may be wearing that day. I just don’t sit still. read more