Labor Day Safety, Labor Day Health Tips

The start of summer fun times is memorial day week-end and the end is the labor day week-end. The days between these two holidays is when people are busier than ever. The whole outdoors becomes one big fun-for-all. Because people are fun loving they often forget just how careful they have to be. When we're all going through our lists of what to take camping and boating it pays to be hyper aware of dangers.

I'm always in favor of no alcohol allowed. Some people view no alcohol means the same as no fun. I have plenty of fun and I don't drink. I'm always afraid of what will happen when too much alcohol is around, so the alternative is to have an alcohol free party. read more

Healthy Meals on a Stick

Put anything on a stick and suddenly it becomes more appetizing. Don’t believe me? Have you ever waited in line at Costco or any other store for a food sampling? All taste great as a sample on a stick. Even not so great food can find appeal in small doses when it is being rationed. Here are some simple, cheap meals to make and put on a stick for school or work lunches, snacks, and just a meal on the run.

Breakfast on a stick
2 slices of whole wheat toast
1 banana sliced
3 strawberries halved
1 sausage link cut into bite sizes
1 skewer read more

Three Noteworthy Health Food Markets in Houston, TX

Did you know that buying strictly organic produce or sticking to a healthy lifestyle of eating habits is not as expensive as you may have been led to believe? It really is true, because companies and growers today are realizing the pressing need and demand that is surfacing for suchlike foods. People today are realizing the need to change their habits and lifestyles, and food has a huge part to do with that. So if you are trying to stick to a healthy eating plan, or are trying to feed your family the best of the best, these three markets will quickly rise to the top of your list.

A Moveable Feast
9341 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX
Combined together with a tasty restaurant, the Moveable Feast store is chock-full of healthy foods including organic foods and snacks, and even pre-made grab-n-go entrees you can take from the restaurant. Enjoy a nice selection of herbs, exotic juices, and lots of natural beauty and health-care items including supplements and natural remedies. read more

How to Avoid Sun Damage:Eat Healthy Food

We are all well aware of the dangers of sun exposure and its links to cancer. However, sun damaged skin is a less lethal but still damaging side effect. The sun can cause the skin to age prematurely. It may start to become very dry, wrinkled and covered in dark spots. There are treatments that can improve the quality of the skin but you might be surprised to hear that may foods can help. Some foods help protect the skin from the sun while others can actually help reverse the current damage. read more