Favorite Fitness Books

I was organizing my book shelf and came across my section of fitness books and I figured I should share a stack of my favorites! There are some great fitness books out there but these are the ones I have gotten the most use of.

This has the most comprehensive list of exercises and some great programs. The best part of the book is the section on how to create your own programs with a formula for full body workouts.

The best workout book, it teaches you that lifting is good for you and will change your body. Principles of hard workouts and lifting as heavy as you can.

A great program for gaining strength. Strong women are sexy

Great for those who get bored easily in the gym, this will keep you busy for years.

This best book I have seen for showing you the postures and how they work your muscles. I often reference this book after a class when I find myself questions some of the poses.

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