Fitness Friday: Headbands

I had a great week of workouts and that makes me feel so much happier! A full week in town and a chance to do my favorites:

Sunday: Cardio and Best Body Bootcamp

Monday: Cardio and Best Body Bootcamp

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Yoga Sculpt

Friday: Off

Saturday: The plan is to do Cardio and BBB before a blog conference I am attending

When I get my normal schedule in I feel better, sleep better and have so much more energy. It seriously makes me feel like a new person!

And speaking of favorites I have a few new workout headbands that I love. Headbands are something that I must have when I workout, I hate having hair in my face especially when I am in yoga sculpt and sweating buckets.

My favorites:

Bic Bands Thick

I have about 5 of  these and they really do stay put. Check for sales and free shipping deals, that’s the best time to buy them!

Violet Love

Thanks for Violet Love for sending me a headband, I love this so much that I have bought two more at my yoga studio. These do a great job at keeping my bangs out of my face because they are in that weird stage of growing them out and are always in my eyes.

They have so many great colors and patterns, are washable and really hold their shape. Love these!

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