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The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Grokker.

I go in spurts where I want to workout at home a few times a week. It can save time! Instead of packing up my gym bag, driving to the gym, working out and then driving home I can just head downstairs to our family room and pop in a DVD or simply set my iPad or Samsung tablet on the floor next to my yoga mat and press play. I get my workout in and go on with my day. That happened Wednesday and Thursday this week. I was short on time and it was much easier to workout at home. This way I had no excuses for not working out.

Besides the gym and yoga this week I tried out a few new to me workouts on Grokker. Their website features high quality, expert-led videos in three key wellness areas: yoga, fitness and cooking. With 3500 videos and new content released daily it is really easy to find a workout.

The first video I tried was Cardio Combat. It’s 22 minutes and you need minimal equipment. Easy to do in your living room.

No warm up necessary!
Each move lasts 1 minute.

Jumping jacks
Plank side knee lifts, alternating
Squat hops
Mountain climbers
Fast feet
Jump rope
Good mornings
Push ups
Chair squats

REPEAT circuit

Cool down:
Runner’s lunge
Hamstring stretch
Triangle pose
Switch sides
Deep breaths

Video 2 was yoga focused with a well-balanced flow consisting of standing poses, twists, arm balances, ab work and backbends! Doing a practice like this at home gives me a chance to pause the video and practice my balance poses. As much as I love my studio it’s a nice break to slow down and really focus on form.

They have a few kettlebell workouts that I want to check out as well. Kettlebells are such a great workout and it can be hard to find live classes. Online workouts are the way to go! Grokker is hosting the October FitFluential challenge, which focuses on four weeks of wellness and has great prizes associated with it.

Workouts This Week:

Sunday: Cardio and Weights

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt

Wednesday: Cardio Combat on Grokker and P90 (I have a post on this planned for next week)

Thursday: Well Balanced Flow on Grokker and P90

Friday: Off

Satruday: Cardio and Weights

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