Fitness Holiday Gifts

Do you have the fitness enthusiast friend or family member in your life? Struggling with what to get them? These are a few of my favorite things from the past year and they all make great gifts. I’ve got items from $20 up to $200+ (weights are really expensive!) that will make everyone happy.

  1. Sassy fitness tops have been a huge trend this year. My personal favorites are from 3rd Culture Style and Everfitte. They all make me laugh and it’s just a little extra inspiration for the gym or yoga.
  2. Headphones. I keep a pair in every bag and will consider leaving the gym if I don’t have music. My personal favorites are the ones that stay put in your ears and deliver great sound quality. Check out Koss, Yurbuds, Sol, and SonicFuel by Audio Technica. 
  3. Adjustable weights. These are on my list! How nice would it be to have one set of weights that go from 4 to 45 pounds. There are way too many dumbbells laying around my family room. Hint to Santa to get these for me. I just wish they were a bit more affordable. But you buy a set like this once and it will last years.
  4. At home workouts. On snowy, cold days that you just can’t get to the gym it is so nice to pop in a quick DVD. I’ve been using the WWE Fit Series and BeFit in 30 Extreme. You may be scratching your head about the WWE one but it’s a really good workout! They have a men’s and women’s version and I was surprised how hard I worked. And my gift to myself this year is the new Insanity Max 30. I can’t wait to amp up the cardio.
  5. Tiger tail. After you’ve done all these workouts you might be a bit sore. And by a bit I mean so sore you can’t move. After my workouts this weekend my Tiger Tail came in handy. A good roll post workout can work wonders. And the great thing about the Tiger Tail is that you hold it and run it over the sore area. Hamstrings? Easy to use this standing up. Back? You can do it yourself.

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