Fitness Sunday

Friday came and went, and since it was Foodie Pen Pals day I didn’t have a chance to do Fitness Friday. So it became Fitness Sunday, not really the same ring. Another week of really good workouts with Boot Camp.

I have learned a few key things:

  • My hips are really week. Hello surrender squats and hip adduction on a ball, I have found it really hard to complete the last set but I push through and know it will help in the long run.
  • Intervals are exhausting. I have never been a big fan of cardio but wow do intervals kick my butt. I am really pushing myself in the gym and trying to look at each workout as a chance to improve.
  • Strength is improving and I love this. I have gone up a bit in weights since I am pushing myself harder.
  • Really focusing on food has helped show more muscle definition, I didn’t make major changes but just focused on making sure I was eating enough of the right things. I have increased protein slightly and it feels like it is helping.
  • I love after workout soreness, there is just something satisfying about knowing your muscles are changing.
  • Cutting down on soda actually makes me feel better. I am surprised by this! I have had less headaches, a much flatter stomach, and I only had one soda in the last week. Love this.

Next week starts week 5 and I am looking forward to change in the workouts and even more healthy eats. Happy April! This year has flown and the next 5 months are going to go so fast. Add in 3 or 4 work trips, moving, a summer packed with birthdays, weddings, our wedding, and a really fantastic two week trip. All of this is even more of an incentive to focus on workouts and food that make me healthy, strong and energized.

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