Fitness Trends

I am not bored with my workouts but I have been feeling kind of blah about them. In an effort to change things up and add a little excitement back to my fitness routine I was thinking about trying some of the “trendier” fitness activities.

Here are some of the trends I have heard about recently:





HIIT Training

Yoga Sculpt Classes


The Bar Method

Hot Yoga

In an attempt to freshen things up I want to try something new every month!

A few of my ideas to try in the next few months

Attend a new class at my gym

Try a yoga class I have never been to


Find a zumba class near me

Find a TRX class near me

Rent a workout DVD from Netflix and try something different

I will report back each month on what I tried, the cost associated (if any), how I felt after and if I would go again. For the past 10 years  I have been a cardio and weights kind of girl. Occasionally I would go to a class and recently I added yoga in so I think it is time to have more fun with my workouts and change things up.

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