Fitting Fitness In

Fitness is a huge priority in my life and sometimes I need to do some juggling to fit it in. Especially when traveling for work.

This week has been a whirlwind: Monday in the office, Tuesday through Thursday was travel and Friday was back in the office. And I just happened to have 5 flights in 3 days.

So how do I fit fitness in during a week like that? The answer never is I don’t. I figure something out. It may not always be conventional workouts but I do make sure I get out and move.

Sunday: Yoga and 8 hours standing in the kitchen making cookies. My legs were tired.
Monday: Best Body Bootcamp at my gym. I worked from 7 until 5:30. Went home, packed, got Christmas cards addressed and went to bed.
Tuesday: Up really early for a flight. Fly from Minneapolis to Indianapolis. 20 minute walk to lunch with coworkers. Meetings from 2 until 10pm. Get talked into a glass of wine in the lobby. The guys go out after this and I head to bed at midnight. (This old lady is so glad she didn’t go out, they got back at 3am!)
Wednesday: Leave hotel at 630 am to fly from Indianapolis to Atlanta to Tampa. Lunch with coworkers. 20 min walk around the pool area at the hotel. Meetings from 6-10. I went to bed as soon as we got back to the hotel.
Thursday: 30 min cardio and as many moves as I could do from the Best Body Bootcamp workout with the limited hotel gym. Meetings from 9-12. Headed to airport and flew from Tampa to Atlanta to Minneapolis. Landed around 8pm. Got home, said hello to Scott and the dogs. Had half a glass of wine and was sleeping by 930.
Friday: Normal Best Body Bootcamp workout at my gym. A full day of work.

Hopefully I get at least Saturday or Sunday workouts in. A friend is in town this weekend and we have it jam packed with activities.

Are my workouts perfect? Nope. But I made sure to at least move everyday. Hotel gyms are really limited so sometimes it’s only a walk. But it gives me so much more energy. I don’t really “count” Tuesday and Wednesday as full on workouts but it was better than nothing!

As tired as I am during these weeks I always repeat “just do something” to myself. It works!

My travel should be done though the end of the year so I can hopefully stick to my normal gym and yoga schedule! Fingers crossed. Life has a way of challenging that.

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