Healthy Chic

Have you heard of Healthy Chic? It is a deal site with health, fitness and nutrition brands at up to 80% off. There are some really great options! They sent me $25 to check out their site and I have already ordered again.

I ended up ordering a product geared towards kids but it’s perfect for my lunches. The Waste Free lunch kit. Since I bring my lunch most days (when I am not traveling) I love having options that help me eliminate waste. It started with going from plastic to glass storage containers, buying reusable baggies and now this lunch kit.

I don’t use the bag for my lunch (I have dogs stuff packed in it for travel) but the water bottle, stainless steel containers and food wrap are awesome. Perfect for smaller snacks, which is how I eat. I just fill the containers with snacks like almonds, crackers, fruit/veggies, nuts etc. And while I feel like a bag lady most days at least I am eating healthy!

I also ordered the ice pack and sweat free cover. Hello no more damp lunch bag. You just freeze the ice pack, slip it in the cover and throw it in your lunchbox to keep things cold.

I have ordered from Healthy Chic again twice, I signed up for the daily email and if something is a really great deal I jump on it. I found a great deal on socks and flip flops. Can’t wait to get them. Check them out, they really have great deals.

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