Healthy During the Holiday’s + Giveaway

In my normal multi tasking fashion Tuesday morning I did a video chat with senior associate health editor from SHAPE magazine, Bahar Takhtehchian, and Fiber One® titled “Beating the Bulge: Staying On Track Through the Holidays.” I particiapted in the video chat and was doing work at the same time ??

Bahar discussed some great tips on staying on track through the Holidays, a few of my favorites:

-Even if you only have 20 minutes, move! Run, go for a walk, life weights

-She talked about lifting HEAVY weights and how it would change your body! <—— LOVE THIS! Go Shape magazine for encouraging women to lift weights

-Fill your body with healthy foods, fill up on healthy grains and lots of fruits and veggies

-Make sure you get enough fiber, you need at least 25 grams a day

-Water, water, water. Yes, we all know this but you need to stay hydrated

I have a two week trip to Europe coming up and going to the gym isn’t going to be happening and I want to make sure I make healthy choices while away. My plan is staying hydratrated, lots of walking, and balancing all the wonderful food and wine with fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins.

Sure tips are interesting but the best part is a fun giveaway! Courtesy of SHAPE magazine you can enter to win a wellness gift package that includes two boxes of Fiber One Brownies, a water bottle, yoga mat, stability ball and pedometer.

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