Healthy Meals on a Stick

Put anything on a stick and suddenly it becomes more appetizing. Don’t believe me? Have you ever waited in line at Costco or any other store for a food sampling? All taste great as a sample on a stick. Even not so great food can find appeal in small doses when it is being rationed. Here are some simple, cheap meals to make and put on a stick for school or work lunches, snacks, and just a meal on the run.

Breakfast on a stick
2 slices of whole wheat toast
1 banana sliced
3 strawberries halved
1 sausage link cut into bite sizes
1 skewer

Cook sausage until thoroughly cooked and cut into bite sizes and keep warm. Make toast and cut into fours or eights, cut up bananas and strawberries. Alternate placing items on the skewer, leaving room to hold it at the bottom. Start with toast push to bottom, then sausage, strawberry, banana and repeat. Eat and enjoy a healthy, hearty breakfast on the way to school or work.

Italian on a stick
String cheese mozzarella
Grape tomatoes
Italian bread cubed
1 skewer

Cut up your salami into bite sizes, cut your sting cheese into chunks, cube your Italian bread such as foccacia. Place each item on the bottom of the skewer and repeat until filled with room for your hand. Pepperoni, grape tomato, sting cheese, bread, salami, repeat. Fantastico!

PB&J on a stick
Peanut butter
strawberries halved

Make your peanut butter an jelly sandwiches as usual, not too heavy on the jelly to avoid a mess. Cut into 1 inch squares or fours or eights. Alternate sandwich bites, grapes and strawberries onto skewer and repeat until filled.

Snack on a stick
5 cooked cheese tortellini’s
1 string cheese
5 grapes
1/2 cucumber
1 skewer

Cook cheese tortellini and cool. Cut cheese into chunks, cut cucumbers in half. Place cucumber, cheese, grape, tortellini onto bottom of skewer and repeat until filled. Healthy snack viola!

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