Healthy Toddler Snacks

The parents of toddlers often wonder if their child is getting enough to eat. At mealtime it is sometimes difficult to get your toddler to stay still long enough to eat. If you are offering healthy snacks then most likely they are getting enough.

Toddlers need to have snacks through out the day. Children sometimes have small appetites and they need to have enough nutrients for healthy growth and development. When you provide nutrient rich foods through out the day, it will provide the necessary nutrients their bodies need to ensure proper development.

You should offer your toddler small snacks frequently. It will make your toddler happy and it helps them to meet their dietary requirements. By serving healthy snacks you prevent your toddler from over eating at meal time, as well as under eating. Having snacks helps to maintain a good balance.

You should always choose foods that are high in nutrients. (vitamins, protein, fiber) Pre packaged and processed foods are higher in sugar, salt and fat. Avoid giving your toddler heavy snacks too close to mealtime.

Toddlers should be feeding themselves already. You should be sure and think simple, use foods that are in bite sized pieces and are easy for your toddler to pick up. Be sure and remember to choose foods that are not choking hazards.

A few examples of food that could potentially be a choking hazard for your toddler are whole grapes, hard candies, popcorn and nuts.

Cheese is a excellent choice for a toddlers snack. Cheese is a very nutritious snack. It is a great source of calcium and protein. A serving of low fat American cheese provides 25% of the RDV of calcium and 5 grams of protein.

Toddlers love to dip their food into almost any kind of sauce. Try serving vegetables such as carrots or celery sticks with a cup of plain yogurt for dipping.

Healthy dry cereals, like Multi Grain Cheerios are fortified with nutrients like folic acid and other vitamins and minerals.

Having a yogurt smoothie is great for a snack drink. One serving provides your toddler calcium and protein for less than 100 calories.

Serving your toddler fresh fruit is a obvious choice for a nutritious snack. Fruits provide lots of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

Healthy snacks are imperative for providing essential nutrients and vitamins that are needed for a toddlers growth and development.

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