Holiday Gifts for the Foodie in your Life

We all have a foodie in our lives (I happen to be that foodie in a lot of my friends and families lives) and it can be hard to figure out what the heck to get them for the holiday’s. I have a few ideas! These are just a sampling of my favorite kitchen items:

  1. If you have a spirits drinker in your life, or even like your water ice cold. And I mean ice cold. This is the ice cube mold for you. The Zoku Ice Ball Mold melts slowly and evenly. Perfect for cocktails or in your water bottle! $16.99
  2. Love ice cream? The Zoku ice cream maker is a great way to make a single serving of ice cream quickly. Freeze the base overnight, pour your ingredients in and get stirring. That’s it. Simple ingredients and we are big fans of the plain old vanilla. Then you get to add the toppings you like! $25.99
  3. But if you want crazy flavors and lots of variety, get the Endless Summer cookbook. So many great flavors (hello mint chocolate chip). $16.95
  4. Gourmet Sea Salt from Superior Salt. It’s MN made and they have amazing flavors like garlic, rosemary, lavender. Imagine these in salad dressings, as a finisher, on top of popcorn or anywhere you use salt. The garlic is amazing. I’ve gone through 3 already! $6.00
  5. Do you have a high quality knife sharpener? Not the one that came with your set of knives, a standalone sharpener. If not. You need one! Your knives will last longer and it’s so much easier to cut with sharp knives. Think about how much you spent on your knife set. This is around $50 and will make such a difference.
  6. Wine wipes. Have you seen your teeth after a glass of a big heavy red. I carry these in my purse when at an event, a quick refresh and my mouth feels so much better. They are under $7 and make a great stocking stuffer.
  7. Blender bottles. I drink a protein shake nearly every day. 3/4 of our dishwasher is filled with these. They have a great new bottle out that has containers on the bottom for your vitamins and protein powder. Why didn’t I think of that?? And the GoStak containers are awesome for snacks. Dried fruit, nuts, vitamins, a little sweet treat. These help cut down on all those baggies you have floating around and give you a ton of variety in your snacks. I have 3 of these! Between $10-$15 these make great gifts. You could do a little variety pack and throw in some protein samples and snacks. I know that’s a gift I would love.

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