How to Avoid Wasting Food and Save on Your Grocery Bill

Government reports and attention in the media consistently point to the growing issue of obesity in America. We are well aware of recommendations that encourage us to spend a good portion of our food budget in the produce department. Many of us avoid buying too many fresh vegetables and fruits because they spoil too fast and frequent visits to the grocery store can cut into valuable time and cause overspending.

In an effort to make healthier choices for my family, I found myself buying way more produce than I could use before it would spoil. I had good intentions of using every item in my cart, but very often by the time I would reach for that fresh tomato, it already had mold on it. As I emptied the produce bins in my refrigerator I felt sickened by the amount of waste that occurred due to overbuying and nonuse.

I had seen infomercials about Debbie Meyer Green Bags and wondered if they really worked as advertised. On one of my shopping trips I discovered the bags in the produce department and decided to give them a try. At home I put all of my fresh produce into the bags and then simply gave the ends a twist and placed them inside the storage bins in my refrigerator.

As the week passed, each item I reached for was as fresh as the day I purchased it. I was amazed when nothing was slimy or rotten. I could hardly believe my eyes.

I now keep my pantry stocked with green bags. After using them, I wash them in hot soapy water and dry them and fold for reuse. I have even tossed them into the clothes dryer on the air-dry setting with a clean dry towel. An added benefit is I am not throwing countless plastic bags into the trash.

Now when I head to the grocery store, I not only carry my list, but I have my Debbie Meyer Green Bags with me. As I shop I place my produce directly into the bags in order to save myself the chore of switching everything from produce department bags to the green bags when I get home.

The Debbie Meyer Green Bag website states that Ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables emit cause them to ripen, age, and rot. The bags remove the gas and help extend freshness.

Now I always have the fresh ingredients I need for my menus. Each bag can be used up to 10 times according to the manufacturer. I find that the bags usually tell you when they are no longer working because the food inside has spoiled prematurely, that is when I toss them out.

Can you imagine keeping fresh strawberries for a couple of weeks? Other foods last an entire month and the Debbie Meyer Green Bag website mentions, the bags will pay for themselves the first time you use them.

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