Labor Day Safety, Labor Day Health Tips

The start of summer fun times is memorial day week-end and the end is the labor day week-end. The days between these two holidays is when people are busier than ever. The whole outdoors becomes one big fun-for-all. Because people are fun loving they often forget just how careful they have to be. When we're all going through our lists of what to take camping and boating it pays to be hyper aware of dangers.

I'm always in favor of no alcohol allowed. Some people view no alcohol means the same as no fun. I have plenty of fun and I don't drink. I'm always afraid of what will happen when too much alcohol is around, so the alternative is to have an alcohol free party.

Remember the bug spray or candles or whatever is used for bug protection. Female mosquitoes are the biting kind and they carry different diseases and fevers.

Always look for ticks on clothing and the body. Ticks carry rocky-mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and a host of other strange illnesses. The ticks carry these illnesses in their blood after they have bitten animals who have them. If you are camping it might be beneficial to have a tent net along. They are great for keeping bugs on the outer side.

If boating is in the picture always have life vests or floats along; one for each person in the boat and make sure all are wearing one. With children, make sure the vest isn't top heavy and makes the child float head side down. Head side up, please!

Be aware of the fire or cooking area. Make the perimeter free of combustible items. If hot wood or charcoal hits the ground douse it immediately with water. ALWAYS have someone responsible watching the fire. Do not put your three year old child in charge of watching it.

Another tip: have lots and lots of fresh water. If you don't want to buy bottled water, just buy a refillable container and fill it at home to bring along on the trip. Also, have lots and lots of food. Let's imagine you're camping and a heavy thunderstorm goes through the area leaving roads impassable. You have to have enough food and water to live on until you can drive out. If you live in the city–you have no clue as to what can happen when camping.

Always know where the children are and what they are doing. Have an adult accompany the children wherever they are going. Children are not as frightened of whatever dangers could be in the path.

Most of all have fun!

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