New Orleans: The Food

Spending almost a week in a city really gives you the opportunity to try some of the best food it has to offer. My 6 days in New Orleans gave me the opportunity to try a little bit of everything, from alligator to pork belly to etouffee and of course the original Hurricane. Most of my meals were spent with coworkers and customers, making it a little harder to get good pictures! But everyone knows I am a food blogger too, so they all happily obliged.

Cochon Butcher: A butcher and swine bar that is known for unique sandwiches. Pork belly sandwich with cucumbers, mint and chili lime aioli on white bread. One word- fantastic.

Location: 930 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA

A salad of black eyed peas and corn. Light, refreshing and perfect with the sandwich

Decorating with knives? Gotta love the irony in that

Since I loved Cochon Butcher so much I had to eat at Cochon right next door. Hushpuppies, homemade bread, alligator, gumbo, mac and cheese and lima beans. Oh the lima beans.

A visit to the French Quarter, Garden District and finally Bourbon Street to make sure I got a few of the main sights in. An afternoon of walking, sightseeing and just plain fun. I enjoyed getting to know my coworkers a little better. The evening ended with a stop at Dickie Brennan’s Steak House,  a classic. Bloody Mary’s that are seriously delicious, steak and great sides. Our service was slow, but I think it was intentional to keep you there as long as possible.

Location: 716 Iberville Street New Orleans, LA

Seafood bisque, a bit salty but had a very unique flavor

Two 4 ounce filets, medium rare. How a steak should be!

One big pile of mashed potatoes…

Mushrooms are a must have.

Bread pudding, thick and sweet. Amazing caramel sauce, I had a few bites and was stuffed.

Our final team dinner was all about charm, Bon Ton Cafe. The oldest Cajun restaurant in New Orleans was fantastic, you feel like you stepped back in time a few decades. Waitresses in white uniforms, the cracker basket, the chandeliers, brick walls. You could feel the history.

Location: 401 Magazine St New Orleans, Louisiana

Eggplant, crab and shrimp etouffee. Rich sauce covering the seafood and I came close to eating the whole plate. It was that good!

A Rum Ramsey, a New Orleans a classic with secret ingredients. Rum, bourbon, lime, sugar and a few other things. I had one and a half and was done after that, so delicious but I didn’t want to feel it the next day. (I think the boys did, they went out after and I was good and went back to the hotel. They were out on Bourbon Street until after 2am)

I have been good with workouts this week and I am in need of one big salad. Vegetables were a bit lacking. But its New Orleans and there was a lot of good food to try. It is nice to see the city getting closer to its pre-Katrina state. The boyfriend is itching to go, so I may be back soon!

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