Fitness Friday: Flipbelt

Happy Memorial  Day Weekend (if you are in the U.S.)! I am looking forward to a long weekend with beautiful weather, a chance to get outside, maybe do some golfing and having a girls night. There is something a bright sunny and warm days that motivates me to workout. And this week has been a pretty fantastic week for workouts, I pushed myself hard and felt so good. read more

Why Home Health Care is Advantageous to Cystic Fibrosis Children

Cystic fibrosis is a complex health condition that progresses and worsens over time. For many CF patients, the health complications of cystic fibrosis often lead to decreased quality of life and many hours and days spent in medical facilities, trying to manage disease and symptoms.

If your child has cystic fibrosis, it is important to become familiar with spectrum of healthcare services that can be offered for this challenging respiratory condition. For many children, recover from a spike in symptoms comes more readily when alternatives to traditional cystic fibrosis care are considered. read more

Road Food: Snacks

The best snacks for road trips

I am leaving this afternoon for a quick 2 day trip to Chicago for work, it is day three and I am already jumping in and traveling and I get to go to one of my favorite cities. I will not have a chance to get downtown but I get to head to a large retailers headquarters and hopefully enjoy a great dinner out tonight. read more

How Superheroes Can Help Kids Eat Healthy

Getting kids to eat healthy is a challenge. Most children would rather munch on salty chips and chocolate bars than enjoy a plate of steaming broccoli. Unfortunately, kids with a "sweet tooth" can end up carrying around too many pounds when they enter adolescence. What's the solution? According to a new, the answer may lie in how healthy food is perceived by kids.

The Challenges of Getting Kids to Eat Healthy read more