How Superheroes Can Help Kids Eat Healthy

Getting kids to eat healthy is a challenge. Most children would rather munch on salty chips and chocolate bars than enjoy a plate of steaming broccoli. Unfortunately, kids with a "sweet tooth" can end up carrying around too many pounds when they enter adolescence. What's the solution? According to a new, the answer may lie in how healthy food is perceived by kids.

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Schwan's Apple Bites: Food Product Review

With the busy lives we lead, we’re always looking for delicious, table-ready, or nearly-table-ready foods. Personally, I don’t even like making the trip to the grocery store; the aisles are crowded with undecided shoppers, and there are always lines at the checkout.

Schwan’s is a company that delivers frozen foods to your door. The products are high quality in most cases and a little pricier than the supermarket, but I find it worth it to be able to shop on line or by catalogue, and have my order delivered to my home for a $1.00 delivery fee. The Schwan’s man will stop by every two weeks with his freezer truck full of goodies. If you haven’t placed an order ahead of time by phone at 1-888-SCHWANS or on line at, you can order items on the spot, but the possibility exists that the driver may be sold out of an item you want that day. read more

How to Organize Your Food Pantry

Although organizing your food pantry may not seem important, it can really help when you are in the process of making a meal and need to find ingredients fast. Most fully stocked food pantries contain canned foods, boxed foods, and other types of packaging. Organizing by these categories can really help to keep your food pantry easily accessible.

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Healthy Toddler Snacks

The parents of toddlers often wonder if their child is getting enough to eat. At mealtime it is sometimes difficult to get your toddler to stay still long enough to eat. If you are offering healthy snacks then most likely they are getting enough.

Toddlers need to have snacks through out the day. Children sometimes have small appetites and they need to have enough nutrients for healthy growth and development. When you provide nutrient rich foods through out the day, it will provide the necessary nutrients their bodies need to ensure proper development. read more

Fitness Friday: PiYo Love

Happy Friday! We have a weekend full of great plans and I am so excited that it is Friday. Tonight we heading to a bubbles themed wine party and tomorrow we are having our 2nd Annual Beer-Pool-Ooza. It’s really just an excuse to use our pool, try some new beers and get together with friends. I can’t wait! read more

Thursday Thoughts: Beauty Finds & Giveaway

I thought it was time for a few Thursday Thoughts on my recent beauty finds. And I am throwing a great giveaway! If you were to dig through my closets, drawers and bathroom organization you might be surprised by just how many beauty products I have. Now I do a pretty good job at getting rid of the products I don’t like but I am so gullible for the latest and greatest in the beauty aisle. read more