Minimalist Lifestyle is Healthy for Kids, Parents

My out-of-the house son and I were recently discussing the minimalist lifestyle. We noticed how many people claim to be minimalists but in fact aren't. Case in point: money. It's easy to talk about living simply, but much harder to do it. And now that our son is paying his own way, he realizes why dad and I were so frugal when he was growing up. He sees first-hand how expensive things are and how easy it is get deep in debt. Avoiding debt is one reason parents should live simply. Here are others.

* Minimizing spending prepares kids for the real world. And conversely, overspending doesn't. Kids who are raised with privilege and excess are ill-equipped for reality. Paying bills on time, living happily with less, living within a budget–kids who have everything handed to them don't learn these skills. Our kids never went without necessities. They had plenty of toys. But they weren't immersed in possessions. Our lives didn't revolve around stuff. Each child now knows how to work, save, budget and stay out of debt. read more

Balsamic Strawberries with Angel Food Cake

Balsamic Strawberries over Angel Food Cake Recipe | MyRecipes

To pair with the Barbara wine last night I wanted a unique dessert that was light, sweet and would use up the HUGE container of strawberries we had in the fridge. This was quick and easy to put together and went over very well at the Mystery Wine Event. I didn’t have enough time to make a homemade angel food or pound cake so we used store bought ones, Target had great options for both. read more

March Foodie Pen Pals

When I rummage through my pantry looking for a snack I always think of Foodie Pen Pals. That chocolate bar, package of tea, seasoning mix or bag of crackers. Most of the time things get eaten right away but I do try to save a few things for that day when I am not really sure what I am hungry for. read more