Pediatric Dentists in Tampa, Florida

Universally, for the most part, adults of all ages do not one like going to the dentist. No one really does. Children especially are oftentimes frightened by the mere word of dentist, let alone going to see one. What if children could go to a dentist that turns out to be a fun adventure and rewarding experience for them? It’s not as far-fetched as you think. There are now dentists who cater to children in helping them overcome their fears. You’ll find offices featuring toys, videos, and other fun features.

The dentist I went to many years ago also specialized in pediatrics. A portion of his office was set-up with many bright colors, lively decorations, and other childlike settings. If you didn’t know better you wouldn’t believe you were in a dentist office. Right here in Tampa there are four outstanding children’s dentists who are devoted to making your child feel special and cared for.

McIlwain Dentistry – 26908 Foggy Creek Road, Suite 23, Wesley Chapel (813) 991-9893; 4710 N. Habana Avenue, Tampa (813) 879-8097: The McIlwain’s are Dr. James, Dr. Leigh Ann, and Dr. Michael. There is also Adult Dentistry offered at this office with other specialized dentists on their staff. Their pediatric specialty is infants through adolescents, along with those with special needs, in addition to a strong emphasis on preventive dental care. They offer the latest techniques such as sealants, air abrasion, and tooth-colored bonded fillings.

One of the highlights of McIlwain Dentistry is their wealth of information presented at their website, especially dental health education. You’ll find printer-friendly crossword puzzles at the Activity Sheets link. They feature dental words to help educate your child as well as it being fun. The First Visit link helps parents with communicating to their child in coping with going to the dentist. They encourage you not to use certain words while explaining to them such as needles, shot, drill, or other frightening words.

Also recommend is taking children early in the day to the dentist whereas during the latter part everyone, especially the kids, tend to get tired when they arrive. No payment plans are offered in order for them to cut down on billing and accounting costs. Insurance is accepted for those who are able to choose their own dentist, but they are not a contracted provider with any insurance companies. Please call for hours and appointments. McIlwain Dentistry was voted in 2007 as the Best Dentist of Tampa Bay.

Children’s Dentistry – 10317-B Cross Creek Boulevard, Tampa (813) 973-3100: Personalized service and a beautiful saltwater fish tank greet your child when they come to visit Dr. Gregory Stepanski, also known simply as Dr. Greg. Children are warmly greeted by their first name when they step into this children’s dentist office. The reception area is filled with movies, video games, books, magazines, and equipped with drawing materials. Dr. Greg offers a wonderful incentive program called the “no cavity” club for your child to help keep their smile healthy and beautiful, along with a chance to win a stuffed toy animal. Tommy the Toothbrush makes an annual visit to teach them about proper brushing techniques.

They offer state-of-the-art dental care, orthodontics, and specialize in children with special needs. One great advantage with Children’s Dentistry is their in-office lab. Instead of the typical dentist office sending out work to a commercial dental laboratory, which can be time-consuming, they are able to have complete control with producing more precise and beautiful materials with a faster turnaround. Most major insurance are accepted and filed, plus credit cards are welcomed. Convenient office hours are geared toward parents with busy schedules. Be sure to call for specific hours and to set-up an appointment.

Pediatric Dentistry of New Tampa – 5326 Primrose Lake Circle, Tampa (813) 374-0388, Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30AM to 5:30PM, Closed on Fridays and weekends: Dr. Marta M. Rivera specializes in sedation and dentofacial developmental procedures. Her office also has the standard array of services of orthodontics, mouth guards for athletes, and oral examinations. Dentofacial deals with the control and modification of facial growth in the area of orthodontics. A Smile Gallery is featured with before and after photos of patients. You may make an appointment at their website instead of a phone call.

South Tampa Pediatric Dentistry – 3702 Swann Avenue, Tampa (813) 874-0111: Dr. Lesley Rudolph, or Dr. Lesley, adorns her website with a famous reindeer that shares her last name. This pediatric dentist offers you an all-around dental practice with a helpful question and answers link to guide you with a lot of information about dental prevention and other concerns. Valuable information is provided with the First Visit and Patient Form link. You can download, print, and complete the Health History Form, then simply bring it with you on your first visit to save time while waiting in the lobby. Become a fan of South Tampa Pediatric Dentistry at Facebook to get access on the latest developments in pediatric dental research. Join in on their discussion group at Facebook too.

Now there is a great sense of relief knowing what each of these specialized pediatric dentists have to offer. Rest assured your child will no longer dread going to the dentist, but instead will ask “when are we going back to the dentist?”




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