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Have you been seeing those meal delivery services being advertised online or other blogs? I kept seeing ads for Relished and everything looked so delicious. With work being really crazy, Scott getting into his busy seasoning and just a lack of motivation to cook I figured it was time to try one. I paid for these meals myself and they probably have no clue who I am!

So what’s the deal?

You sign up and fill out our profile include any dietary restrictions and your delivery date, select your meals and number of serving and wait for your food to show up.

What’s included?

Everything but salt, pepper, and olive oil. Seriously! And beer or wine if you want to enjoy that with dinner but they even give you tasting recommendations!!

How does it work?

You choose the number of serving you want, which meals you want and the delivery day.

What do you do then?

Unpack your box. It includes all the produce, seasonings and meats and they are organized by meal. Last night we had pan roasted mahi mahi, each serving of fish was in its own packaging and a big bag that was labeled mahi mahi had all the ingredients needed for that dish. You get a recipe card with step by step instructions.

I didn’t make it quite this pretty, but it was delicious!

Who is this for?

Newbies in the kitchen, those short on time, anyone who hates grocery shopping, if you are bored with meal planning, or you just want to try delicious chef developed recipes.

So what does this cost?

About $10 per serving. But… you get all the ingredients for the meals delivered to your home with step by step instructions! It’s a bit more than I typically spend per meal but I am saving so much time. And to make this a bit easier you can get a $30 credit for your 2nd order, just enter in the referral field at checkout.

What kind of meals do they have?

Seafood, beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian, salads and so much more. We have LOVED everything we have tried so far with the Flat Iron Steak being our favorite. With about 8 meals under our belts know I can honestly say this is worth every penny. Do we do this every week. no. You have the option to skip and only pick 2 dishes. On weeks where I know we are short on time and still want healthy meals this is a pretty easy solution.

But are the serving tiny?

No. We each get a full meal and sometimes even leftovers. In fact I had leftover mini turkey meatloaf yesterday for lunch!

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