Road Food: Snacks

The best snacks for road trips


The best snacks for road trips

I am leaving this afternoon for a quick 2 day trip to Chicago for work, it is day three and I am already jumping in and traveling and I get to go to one of my favorite cities. I will not have a chance to get downtown but I get to head to a large retailers headquarters and hopefully enjoy a great dinner out tonight.

Work travel is part of my job but it can be difficult to eat healthy on the road. My trick? Packing healthy snacks that I can easily get through security in my laptop bag or purse. I usually pack:

Kashi Granola Bars
A baggie of mixed nuts
2 apples
Nut Butter

The one caveat about nutbutter is that is needs to be in single serving packets and I put them in my toiletry bag. Seems a bit crazy but it is an easy way to get some healthy fats and good flavor in my carry-on bag. I will spread a bit of nutbutter on apples or if the hotel happens to have a breakfast I may use it in oatmeal or on a whole wheat bagel if I can find one.

My packets of choice? Justins and Peanut Butter & Co

I grab 2-3 packets and add them to my toiletry bag, pretty easy & having it along has come in handy many times. Especially on delayed flights!

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