Schwan's Turkey Pot Pies: Food Product Review

With the busy lives we lead, we're always looking for delicious, table-ready, or nearly-table-ready foods. Personally, I don't even like making the trip to the grocery store; the aisles are crowded with undecided shoppers, and there are always lines at the checkout. Schwan's is a company that delivers frozen foods to your door. The products are high quality in most cases and a little pricier than the supermarket, but I find it worth it to be able to shop on line or by catalogue, and have my order delivered to my home for a $1.00 delivery fee. The Schwan's man will stop by every two weeks with his freezer truck full of goodies. If you haven't placed an order ahead of time by phone at 1-888-SCHWANS or on line at, you can order items on the spot, but the possibility exists that the driver may be sold out of an item you want that day.

Schwan's Turkey Pot Pies are made with tender, juicy turkey breast slices, carrots, and peas in a sauce made from turkey broth, cream, and wheat flour. All of this is in a flaky, "fresh baked" crust that melts in the mouth. The pies are 10 ounces each, packaged in boxes of 4 at $9.89 per package, or about $2.47 per serving. The pies are made to go directly from the freezer to the oven, and can be baked in at conventional oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes or in a microwave oven for 5 to six minutes.

This is a product that microwaves well. The first time I baked them, I used a conventional oven, because I know some things just aren't as good when micro waved. The next time I was in a hurry, so I used the microwave and was pleasantly surprised to find they were equally delicious prepared in this manner.

I find these pies are perfect for a quick lunch, although a hearty eater may require a salad and maybe a roll to be fully satisfied. The turkey slices are from nickel to quarter size and plentiful. They are a little high in fat content, probably due to the cream used in the sauce, and as with most prepared food, high in salt.

Nutritional Content; Serving size 1 pot pie Calories 710 Total Fat 43 g Sodium 950 mg

Total Carbohydrates 61 g Dietary Fiber 5 g Sugars 5 g Protein 18g Vitamin A 20% RDA

Calcium 4% RDA Iron 10% RDA

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